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Veneers and Crown
Treatments to Enhance Your Confidence

Veneers and Crown

Our 3D Dental offers full-coverage dental crowns made from luminous porcelain and Zirconia. Dental crown restorations offer beautiful aesthetic results that protect your natural tooth from further damage or decay. They’re also perfect for topping off your dental implants. 

We strive to make our office a comfortable environment where you will be sure to leave with your tooth pain addressed and a smile on your face

The CEREC crown restoration system is a breakthrough procedure that utilizes 3D computerized technology and gives patients same-day crowns, (rather than waiting 2 weeks). CEREC crowns are extremely durable, with studies showing that they’re the 2nd most long-lasting restoration behind gold. We often recommends same-day crowns because of these benefits:

  • Less tooth sensitivity.
  • Easier ability to prepare the tooth.
  • Highly accurate digital impressions.
  • Greater convenience toward your schedule (no waiting)
What Can I Expect From My Visit?
Veneers are customized shells of porcelain that cover the front of your teeth. If you’re looking for the most dramatic improvement for your smile, our customized veneers are the way to go. Each veneer is handmade for a precise match to your other teeths’ color and contour. We implement
state-of-the-art virtual makeover and diagnostic technology so that each procedure uses the least invasive techniques.
Is A Crown The Right Choice For Your Smile?
We offer Zoom! and Venus in-office whitening treatments, as well as Opalescence take-home whitening kits. During your consultation, we will discuss the advantages of each one, so that you can choose the one most appropriate for your cosmetic needs or concerns. Same day teeth whitening with Venus or Zoom can be completed in as little as just over an hour at our office!
It All Starts With a Dental Consultation
The first step in a smile makeover is scheduling an exam/consultation with our dentists. We’ll discuss each of your concerns as they relate to the health of your teeth as well as their aesthetic appearance, and we’ll provide you with a variety of options to choose from. If you have missing teeth, be sure to ask about our dental implants! No cosmetic changes are too large or too small.

You’ll also get the opportunity to discuss the budget you can work with. We provide convenient financing plans through CareCredit so that your smile makeover can fit into any budget with affordable monthly payments!

All our cosmetics procedures are pain-free and guaranteed to transform your smile and boost your confidence.

Looking for other services? We’ve got you covered! Visit our 3D Dental Services page.


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