August 24, 2020



Even imagining a toothache is unpleasant and the smallest twinge in your tooth can make you cringe at the thought of the pain ahead.  Did you know that your dentist can tell what the problem in your teeth is, just by listening to your description of it?   Yes, because there are different types of toothaches, depending upon what the problem is.


Sharp jabbing pain in one or several teeth:

This pain may come and go.  This is usually in response to eating something hot or cold.  The cause can be a cavity, abscess or a crack in the tooth. This sort of pain can also be caused by sensitive teeth. It starts with that bite of an ice cream or a sip of hot coffee.

Tooth sensitivity pain can be sharp and jabbing.  Abscess or a cavity can be the cause or it could be due to gum recession.


Morning/Evening Toothache:

This type of toothache and pain which arises after eating hard foods is usually due to tooth decay. Bruxism or teeth grinding can also be the culprit.



Toothache which starts when you eat: This is usually because of tooth decay or a tooth fracture.


Dull pain in the tooth: Although this pain can be mild, it is persistent, making you feeling anxious. The cause can be tooth decay or nerve damage.  Bruxism or teeth grinding can be the culprit.


Throbbing pain: This pulsating deep pain can be the most painful pain of all and can be accompanied by swelling. The most common cause is an abscess or infected tooth.


Pain right at the back of your mouth: This is rare and is usually the result of an impacted wisdom tooth. It can lead to severe problems and worsening pain if not dealt with immediately.


For impacted wisdom teeth, fractured teeth and throbbing pain, you must see your dentist immediately.


While dull pain and teeth sensitivity can be dealt with by over the counter medication, you must see a dentist as soon as you can since the underlying problems will increase leading to greater pain and complications.

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