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Dental Anxiety
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Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety can be crippling. Often, such anxiety is the roadblock that stands between patients and proper oral healthcare. Whether you experience mild or heightened levels of anxiety, 3D Dental understands your concern and is well equipped to help you manage both the anticipation of your visit to the dentist as well as your corresponding treatment. Simply notify our warm staff of your concerns and we will work together to develop a bespoke solution that eases your anxiety and allows for you to obtain the oral healthcare you deserve.

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What causes dental anxiety?
Dental anxiety may be caused by a bad experience at the dentist or even other people’s anxiety about experiences they’ve had. Sometimes anxiety is caused by a general fear of the unknown.

Dental anxiety is often about:

  • Seeing or hearing the dentist’s drill.
  • Seeing or thinking about needles.
  • Fear of pain
  • Uneasiness around blood.
  • Fear of choking or gagging.
Tips to help with dental anxiety
Regardless of the origins of your anxiety, the team at 3D Dental has years of experience working with clients to overcome their concerns. We have a menu of options available to patients which can be customized proportionally to the severity of your anxiety. Please call us to discuss what options are most befitting of your particular circumstances.
What is it?
Dental anxiety ranges from mild uneasiness (experienced by many of us), to acute anxiety/panic attacks. When a person will not visit the dentist despite needing treatment, they can be said to be suffering from dental phobia. The particular fears of visiting the dentist vary from person to person.
Dental Anxiety and Phobia
The first step to a smile makeover is scheduling an exam with our 3D Dental cosmetic dentist. We will discuss each of your aesthetic concerns as they relate to the health of your teeth and provide you with a variety of appropriate options to choose from. If you have missing teeth, be sure to ask about our dental implants! No smile needs are too large or too small. Call 3D Dental Smile to find out how Dr. McMullin can help you to create a smile that boosts your confidence and comfort level. Se habla espanol.
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